What you prefer when it comes to rescue? Rescue the specific exception, not every exception!

There are two scenarios:

1. Where you know what type of error can be thrown by a piece of code that you write.

2. When you cannot say the type of error OR a class…

Requires, when you want to rescue them!

It is wise to not rescue a few of subclasses such as SyntaxError, LoadError, and Interrupt.

- Rescuing SignalException prevents the program from responding correctly to signals. You have to kill it manually using kill -9- Rescuing SignalException::Interrupt prevents the user from…

Hello everyone! So, here I’m talking about A promises in JavaScript.

Well, I must say this promises is worth to implement and promises was one of the most important moments in my programming journey — it has given me invaluable insight into how asynchronous code works and has made me…

Asmita Kalena


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